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A total number of 24 applications for SASNET planning grants were received. Total amount applied for was 2.11 Million SEK. Decisions were taken on 24 August 2004. SEK 593 000 were distributed. 

Planning grants for continued research networking programmes

  • Baboo Nair, Department of Applied Nutrition and Food Chemistry, Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University: ”Networking grant for further development and strengthening of the SASNETWORK on fermented foods, public health and social well-being formed in Nov-2003 to increase its sustainability.” 70 000 SEK.
  • Lars Åke Persson, International Maternal and Child Health (IMCH), Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Uppsala University. ”Network for Interventions against Maternal-Child Malnutrition in South Asia.” 30 000 SEK

Planning grants for research programmes/projects

  • Joyanto Routh, Department of Geology and Geochemistry, Stockholm University: “Environmental and long-term pitfalls of human induced changes in lake ecosystems: A case study of the Kumaun Lakes in NE India.” 65 000 SEK
  • Aida Aragão-Lagergren, Department of Social and Economic Geography, Uppsala University: “Children ‘left behind’. A study on children of migrant women in Sri Lanka.” 75 000 SEK
  • Mirja Juntunen, Department of Oriental Languages, Stockholm University: “The Buddhist-Modernist Thinker Rahul Sankrtyayan and his Influence on Contemporary Indian Writing.” 65 000 SEK
  • Amir Mansory, Institute of International Education, Stockholm University: ”Opportunities and Obstacles for Girls’ Education in Rural Afghanistan a project including capacity development of Afghan Educators.” 63 000 SEK.

Planning grants for educational projects

  • Gunnel Cederlöf, Department of History and Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, Uppsala University: ”Environmental History as an Emerging Field of Education and Research. Planning for a collaboration between
  • Uppsala University and Calcutta University” 75 000 SEK
  • Stellan Vinthagen, Department of Peace and Development Research (Padrigu), Göteborg University: “Padrigu – Madras University collaborative education project to develop ‘Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies’ in India.” 75 000 SEK
  • More information about the project.
  • Nils-Axel Mörner, Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics, Stockholm University: “Research and Education in the Maldives regarding sea level changes, island evolution and reef ecology.” 25 000 SEK
  • Peter Schalk, Department of History of Religions, Uppsala University: “Introduction of Modern Research Methods and Theories within the field of humanities in the University of Yalppanam.” 50 000 SEK