Jayakumari Devika

Professor Jayakumari Devika from the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) in Thiruvananthapuram, India, spent five weeks as a Erasmus Mundus scholarship holder at Lund University during May-June 2015.

Officially she was hosted by SASNET as an academic staff, but she was provided a workplace at the Department of Gender Studies. Devika was selected for this exchange programme as a candidate for the India lot No. 13 in the 2013 round of the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 – Strand 1 – Partnership programme, EU’s flagship programme aimed at promoting the attractiveness of the European Higher Education system and third country cooperation and partnerships. 

Prof. Devika described her stay at Lund University a remarkably exciting intellectual break.
”The opportunity to engage with the work of others, from senior academics to young students, in a range of forums, was a centerpiece of sorts, not to mention the considerable progress I was able to make in my writing based on fieldwork recently completed. I loved Lund: no disrespect to Lund is intended, but it is indeed dream-academic-Europe – as pretty as Cambridge, and with solid socialist public values on top!”

While in Lund, Devika was also engaged as a keynote speaker at the EASAS workshop in Höllviken and a panel chairperson in the SASNET international conference on Structural Transformation of South Asia.