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A total number of 19 applications for SASNET planning grants were received. Total amount applied for was 1.58 Million SEK. Decisions were taken on 28 January 2003. SEK 445 500 were distributed. 

Planning grants for research programmes/projects

  • Alia Ahmad, Dept of Economics, Lund University: “Community Management of Openwater Inland Fisheries – A comparative study of cases from Bangladesh and India.” 75 000 SEK
  • Pia Karlsson, Institute of International Education, Stockholm University. ”Education in Afghanistan.” 23 000 SEK
  • Magnus Holm, Dept of Molecular Biology, Göteborg University. ”Analysis of light regulated gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana.” 75 000 SEK
  • Göran Djurfeldt, Dept of Sociology, Lund University. ”Agricultural development and social mobility in two agrarian ecotypes in Tamil Nadu.” 75 000 SEK
  • Christer Norström, Dept of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University: “Livelihood strategies among forest-related tribal groups of South India.” 108 000 SEK
  • Wil Burghoorn, Centre for Asian Studies, Göteborg University; and Kazuki Iwanaga, School of Social and Health Sciences, Halmstad University. ”International Conference on Women and Politics in Asia.” 20 000 SEK
  • Nandita Singh, Dept of Land and Water Resources Management, Kungl Tekniska Högskolan, Stockholm. ”Problems and Prospects of Sustainable Water Resources Management in India: An Insight from Gender Perspective.” 30 000 SEK

Planning grant for educational project:

  • Neelambar Hatti, Dept of Economic History, Lund University. ”Networking for a Masters Program in South Asian Studies.” 39 500 SEK