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Andreas Johansson

Andreas Johansson was the director of SASNET, the South Asian Studies Network at Lund University, from November 2016 until December 2021.

Andreas Johansson
Andreas Johansson

Johansson continued the former director Anna Lindberg's work on transforming SASNET from a national network to a research center at Lund University. Johansson became SASNET's new director in November 2016. One of Johansson's main goals was to secure permanent funding for SASNET from Lund University. This goal was achieved in January 2018.

During his time as director, Johansson sought to enable and promote high-quality research about South Asia at Lund University. As part of this objective, several research projects attending to the region have been associated with and supported by SASNET.

Reflecting on his time as SASNET director, Johansson says that ‘I am extremely proud of the work of that has been done over the last couple of years. I want to thank my co-workers and the former directors Staffan Lindberg and Anna Lindberg for their support.’

During the autumn 2021, Johansson accepted a tenured position at Karlstad University. He will, however, continue to be affiliated with SASNET, mainly through a four-year research project on the theme religion and politics in Sri Lanka. 

Selected publications (2016–2021)

  • Pragmatic Muslim Politics – The case of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress. Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland AG.
  • “Islam i Sydasien” in Simon Sorgenfrei och Susan Olsson Islam ett religionsvetenskapligt perspektiv. Stockholm: Liber.
  • “Miniature Qurans in the First World War: Religious Comforts for Indian Muslims Soldiers” (with Kristina Myrvold) in Miniature Books, Kristina Myrvold och Dorina M. Parmenter (eds.), Equinox.
  • “The 2018 Political Crisis and Muslim Politics in Sri Lanka” in ISAS Insight  No. 526, 13.
  • “Sri Lanka's violent past has created a polarised society ripe for radicalisation” in the Independent.
  • “Maldives: new president must ward off threats from Islamic extremism, foreign powers and autocratic rivals” in The Conversation.  
  • ”Sri Lanka local elections: the return of Rajapaksa” in openDemocracy.