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Jishnu Jayasree Raveendranathan

Visiting Scholar at the Department of Law from September until October 2016.

henrik jishnu
Henrik Chetan Aspengren and Jishnu J.R. outside AF-borgen during SASNET Modernity Conference

SASNET asked Jishnu five questions after his leave: 

Who are you?

I am a Research Scholar from the Department of Law in the University of Kerala, India. 

What did you do at Lund University?

At SASNET, Lund University, I was provided with the opportunity to participate and co-chair a panel with Henrik Chetan Aspengren, Linnaeus University in the conference entitled “Modern Matters: Negotiating the Future in Everyday Life in South Asia.” At ‘Juridicum’ I was provided with exceptional research facilities, I was able to study in detail the various aspects of intellectual property laws and cyber laws. I also participated in the Workshop organized by SASNET; The Digital Transition in Media, which was helpful for my Ph.D thesis. I worked mostly on my Ph.D. chapter: Instances of trademark infringement in social media, which forms the core study of my Ph.D. thesis titled: Copyright and trademark aspects of social media- an analysis. 

What did your time at Lund University bring to your research?

I was able to discuss my research topic with the librarian Jon Eriksen who has introduced me to the broad collection of books journals and article available at the library as well as to the online databases. The book trademark and social media by Danny friedmann offers a supreme perception into the use of the trademark logo on social media, the consequences of incorrect use and practical solutions and also makes a comparative study on the related laws of various jurisdicitons, has greatly supplemented me with references for my study. Discussion of my topic with Ulf Maunsbach, senior lecturer and Aurelija Lukoseviciene, doctoral candidate has helped me in bringing more clarity to my research work.

What is currently on your research agenda?

The Research work is titled: Copyright and trademark aspects of social media- an analysis. The work tries to understand the modern concept of Social media its development, types of Social media, theories related to it, the functions and the need for regulation. It further explains the Copyright and Trademark violation existing in the various social media sites. The core area of the study is the analysis of the extent to which the existing Indian Copyright and Trademark protection legislations, policies are effectively protecting the user’s contents and brands in social media. The research work concludes with suggestions as to changes to be brought in the existing Indian Intellectual property and Cyber Legislations, policies and strategies that has to be adopted for controlling copyright and trademark violations in social media.

What was your latest research publication about?

The publication is titled: Appointment to higher judiciary: transparency is needed, Published in Bangalore University Law Journal (July 2015). The analysis of the existing system of appointment to higher judiciary reveals the exclusion of transparency in the process. A comparative analysis with other jurisdictions are made and few new modes, steps are suggested as recommendations. The two other articles awaiting publication are Copyright and Trademark Aspects of Social Media- an Analysis and The Intellectual Property Aspects of Social Media Advertisements.

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