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SASNET Activity Report 2021 published

SASNET Activity Report 2021

During 2021 SASNET has conducted a wide range of activities to bolster South Asia research and research related accomplishments at Lund University. SASNET has collaborated with several organizations within Lund University but also with organizations from all over the country
through webinars, publications, podcasts, networking, and workshops.

During the year SASNET hosted several online events, most of which were open lectures, but many were also connected to ongoing courses at Lund University. SASNET covered a wide array of topics and invited some of the most prominent South Asia scholars around the world.


Some of the SASNET highlights you may read more about in the Activity Report 2021:

  • Inaugural lecture with Sujata Patel at Umeå University
  • Book launch “Ameenas resa” with Anna Lindberg
  • SASNET researcher Amrita Ghosh was invited to give a talk at the Global Salon Speaker Series
  • SASNET and CTR organized Nordic workshop on Indian Religions


During 2021 The Swedish Institute of International Affairs’ (UI) South Asia Initiative and SASNET at Lund University released Indienpodden (the India Podcast) which brings experts from South Asia and Sweden together to discuss different aspects of democracy in India and the South Asian region. The podcast is targeted to a Swedish audience and mainly produced in Swedish.


Since 2015, SASNET has increasingly centred its activities on research that is carried out at Lund University. Andreas Johansson, an historian of religion, was recruited to oversee this process and in 2016. One of his main goals, which was achieved in January 2018, was to secure permanent funding for SASNET from Lund University.

During his time as director, Johansson has sought to enable and promote high-quality research about South Asia at Lund University. As part of this objective, several research projects attending to the region have been associated with and supported by SASNET.

During the autumn 2021, Johansson accepted a tenured position at Karlstad University. He will, however, continue to be affiliated with SASNET, mainly through a four-year research project on the theme religion and politics in Sri Lanka.

Ted Svensson is, since January 2022, the new director of SASNET.

To learn more about our activities over the past twelve months, read our Annual Activity Report (pdf).