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Jishnu J.R, Guest-Researcher at Lund University


Jishnu J.R, Ph.D Scholar from the Department of Law at University of Kerala in India, recently travelled back to Kerala after a month in Lund. Jishnu is pursuing his Ph.D on "Copyright and trademark aspects of social media" at University of Kerala and was here as a guest-reseacher at the Department of Law and SASNET. Jishnu has not only a interest in property and cyber laws but a keen interest in photography and has thus taken many pictures in Lund (some of which you can see below). Its been a pleasure having Jishnu here and SASNET wish him all the best with his future research.

Jishnu has written down some words about his time here in Lund:

For me, the Lund University experience was an unforgettable journey. The Swedish South Asian Studies Network provided me with a perfect opportunity to be a part of the Lund University and explore its facilities. I was invited as a visiting scholar from September 12 to October 15 of 2016. The opportunity to work in a sprightly and knowledgeably pulsating environment has helped me in expanding my perspectives as a researcher and also as a human being. It was indeed an intellectually lively and productive period of my life. The welcome and the care the SASNET team provided me has helped me in blending with a different country effortlessly.

University building

At SASNET, Lund University, I was provided with the opportunity to participate and Co - Chair a panel with Henrik Chetan Aspengren, Linnaeus University  in the conference entitled “Modern Matters: Negotiating the Future in Everyday Life in South Asia.” The opportunity, time and space I had with the participants, Keynote speakers, other students and researchers has opened an entirely different realm in my education.

Henrik and Jishnu

At ‘Juridicum’ I was provided with exceptional research facilities, I was able to study in detail the various aspects of intellectual property laws and cyber laws through the broad collection of books journals and article available at the library. I had the chance to meet and exchange ideas with the professors, lectures and Doctoral candidates working on my research areas and also with other knowledgeable persons at the department. The introduction and a tour by the librarian was one of the best moment as I was able to feel the abundance of knowledge I could gather during this period.


The seminar organized by SASNET on the Status of Women and Female Community Health Volunteers in Nepal and the presentation by Lalitha Bashyal, PhD Scholar in Centre for the Study of Social System at JNU was indeed insightful with respect to the Status of Women and Female Community Health Volunteers in Nepal. The Workshop organized by SASNET; The Digital Transition in Media and the presentation by Vibodh Parthasarathi (CCMG, Jamia Milia Islamia) and Andreas Mattsson (School of Journalism, LU and SASNET) on Media challenges in the digital era in India and Sweden gave a clear idea to the aspects in a comparative manner.

Lund Cathedral
Lund Cathedral

Besides academic activities, Lund is a charming city, worth exploring. The delightful people, the quiet city walkways, the magnificent Lund Cathedral and the well planned roadways are a cyclist’s paradise. My visit to Lund gave me a significant enhancement to my perspectives regarding education and life. I’m truly grateful to Dr. Anna Lindberg Director, SASNET for giving me this wonderful opportunity and for her generous hospitality. I’m Thankful to the SASNET Team: Elina Vidarsson, Andreas Mattsson, Andreas Johansson, and Lars Eklund for all the support and making me feel like at home. I also thank Ulrika Andersson, Ulf Maunsbach, Jon Eriksen, Maria Green and Aurelija Lukoseviciene at Juridicum for everything! Finally, I would like to thank my Teacher and Supervisor, Professor Dr. K.C. Sunny, Department of Law, Kerala University for his guidance, support and inspiration. 

- Jishnu J.R