Maliha Shir Mohammad

Maliha recently completed her master's degree in Gender Studies at Lund University. Previously, she obtained degrees in Asian Studies and International Relations from Lund University and Malmö University. Her academic work focuses on women's rights in Afghanistan and various aspects of the lives of Afghan women in Sweden. She has written about domestic violence in the Afghan diaspora in Sweden and about hidden polygamy among Afghans in Malmö, as well as many other topics related to the performance of Afghan women in different political contexts in Afghanistan.

In her theses for her two master's degrees, she argues that a high level of education can improve the living situation of women in Afghanistan, is necessary for both practical and symbolic reasons, and that improved access to education for girls would mean an important change in social attitudes and beyond.

During her time at SASNET, Maliha focuses on turning her latest thesis into a SASNET report. She is also involved in a cultural research project.

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