AEEII conference in Barcelona

29 November- 1 December 2017 in Barcelona, Spain

The 5th International Conference of the Spanish Association of Indian Interdisciplinary Studies AEEII will be held 29 November - 1 December 2017, at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Deadline to submit paper is 20 June 2017.

Acts of injustice in or with the Indian subcontinent have been committed by previous generations in institutional, social, political or familiar contexts. This conference seeks to highlight some of these wrongs and discuss the various ways they have been or should be righted. This conference is likewise geared by an inclusionary energy that connects diverse manifestations of “Indianness” against the background of an Indoceanic geography. W/righting wrongs involves acts of remembrance whereby memory and history coalesce, and, as a result, a dynamics of self situated beyond the national/global dichotomy is delineated.

The conference is intended to cover a wide range of disciplines so the organizers welcome papers from historians, anthropologists, philosophers, art historians, environmental scientists, linguists and literary scholars and cultural studies practitioners.

Deadline to submit paper is 20 June 2017. 

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