Memory, Memorialization and the Politics of Forgetting

SASNET post-doc Isha Dubey is currently working on her post-doctoral project "Memory, Memorialization and the Politics of Forgetting: ‘Difficult Heritage’ and the construction and contestation of ‘national memory’ in India and Bangladesh".

The project seeks to understand what constitutes the discourse of nationhood and the processes that inform nation-making. The project essentially attempts to understand the ways in which both Partition and the Liberation War occupy the memorial landscape of Indian and Bangladesh vis- à -vis their respective entanglements with the grand nationalist meta narratives of freedom from colonial/exploitative regimes. The larger questions at the core of the project is what constitutes ‘difficult heritage’? What is the relationship between ‘national memory’, ‘national heritage’ and ‘difficult heritage’? And do the meanings attached to ‘difficult heritage’ change across changing geographical/historical and generational context when we consider how the upheavals of 1947 and 1971 are selectively remembered/forgotten in contemporary South Asia? 

Get in touch with Isha (isha [dot] dubey [at] sasnet [dot] lu [dot] se) to talk about her project.