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Maria Tonini

MTMaria defended her Ph.D. in Gender Studies at Lund University in 2016. In her doctoral research, she investigated the lives and experiences of young queer people living in Delhi, in relation to the legal developments around the issue of the decriminalization of homosexuality. Theoretically informed by queer and feminist debates on the concept of recognition, in her thesis she showed how recognition can be thought of as an unstable object in a cluster of desires, obligations, and attachments that young queers must navigate in their daily lives. In 2017 Maria worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at SASNET, where she continued her exploration of the concept of recognition, this time focusing on online communities of men’s rights activists in India. Currently Maria works as a Lecturer at the Department of Gender Studies and at the Graduate School of Social Sciences, where she teaches a broad variety of courses at the undergraduate and graduate level.


Maria’s new research project, funded by the Swedish Research Council, is called “Precariousness at Work: Workplace Violence against Women Employees in Nordic Companies Outsourced to Asia”. Together with Helle Rydström, Catarina Kinnvall and Lisa Eklund, she will explore the gendered forms of violence experienced by female employees working for Nordic companies in India, China, and Vietnam. The aim of the project is to investigate the consequences on the ground of encounters between global economic movements and local life-worlds, thus providing a sophisticated analytical prism for the study of gendered (in)security, precariousness, and violence; important insights about workplace climate in outsourced Nordic companies; fresh ethnographic data about gender specific experiences of abuse in the Nordic workplace located in Asia; and novel knowledge about agential initiatives taken by both employers and employees to resist workplace abuse.


As a SASNET affiliated researcher, Maria plans to contribute to the research environment that SASNET fosters by intensifying collaborations within and beyond Lund University, for example by organizing workshops where issues of gender, security, and globalization are in focus. She also plans to publish articles in a range of different outlets, thereby increasing the outreach of South Asia-related research.


E-mail: maria [dot] tonini [at] genus [dot] lu [dot] se