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#InnovationForGood 2015

 Ola IsakssonCentre for Work, Technology and Social Change in collaboration with SASNET at Lund University are proud to announce the first prize winner of #innovationforgood award. Factly,

The winner of the #innovationforgood award goes to Factly. In a day and age where news just goes viral, it’s critical that lay people have a platform to check facts, if they so desire. Factly innovative approach of factually storytelling and representing public data in a easily consumable format for the digital platform and audience made it a winner for the #innovationforgood award.

Two applications were also awarded with honorary prizes. India Loves Pakistan,

The honorary award goes to a project that creates a better understanding for a neighbour by using digital technology. History, politics and culture blends together when realizing how much you can gain from your friends on the other side of the border. We are looking forward to see this project grow and we realize how much understanding and knowledge about a neighbour can mean. Love is better than scepticism.

Citizen Matters,

The honorary award goes to the Citizen Matters Community Media Platform for the creation of an innovative and value sensitive approach to journalism. The overarching ambition of the project is to contribute to community development and the empowerment of citizens through the use of new technology and online resources. The project showcase the potential that lies in combining journalism and activism without losing sight of the importance of building information on facts.

Call for applications 2015  Centre for Work, Technology and Social Change in collaboration with SASNET at Lund University will award 100,000 INR to one enterprise or individual from India for their work in social innovation in a digital context. The award will recognise innovators who have created platforms that bring together technology media and human rights. In eligibility:

  • Your venture can be for or not for profit
  • It should be under operation for at least 6 months
  • Should have strong connect to social innovation and media

Send in your entries to award [at] southasiamediaproject [dot] com with an essay of up to 1 000 words on how your venture fits in the idea of social innovation in a digital context, the human rights aspect that it is targeting and the expected outcome. Deadline: November 10, 2015

  • If you are applying as a team, send a 100 word profile of your key members.
  • If you are applying as an individual, send in your resume along with your proposal.

Download the flyer about #Innovationforgood