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Maria Tonini

Maria completed her Ph.D. in Gender Studies in May 2016 with a dissertation on queer young people in India and the ways in which they negotiated their quest for recognition in everyday life. Previously, she has studied Asian Languages and Civilizations, and Media and Cultural Studies. Since defending her dissertation, she has worked as a lecturer at the department of Gender Studies, Lund University.

Her current research interests lie at the intersection between South Asian studies (India in particular), gender and sexuality, and media and cultural critique.

Theoretically, she is inspired by feminist and postcolonial theories that seek to question the supposed centrality of western social theory, as well as offering useful insights for a political critique of unequal power relations.

As a SASNET researcher, she will explore patterns of inclusion and exclusion as they are articulated in digital media in India and Sweden, with special focus on social media platforms and user-generated content. Issues of interest include: online harassment, marginalization, and visibility. She plan to focus specifically on individuals and groups in minoritized positions such as women and queer-identifying people. The objective of this initial study is to gather insights on the ways in which individual and collective identities are shaped, articulated, enabled and disabled through digital media. 


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Photo: Ulrika Oredsson
E-mail: maria [dot] tonini [at] genus [dot] lu [dot] se

Senior lecturer

Department of Gender Studies

+46 46 222 36 60



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Biskopsgatan 5 (Norlindska huset)
223 62 Lund