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Spring 2012

With active support from SASNET, Emelie Rohne and Lizzie Sagrelius, third year students at the Bachelor of Science Programme in Development Studies (BIDS) at Lund University, were accepted to do field work for their BA thesis at the Centre for Research and Education for Social Transformation (CREST) in Kozhikode, Kerala, India during the Spring semester 2012.

Lizzie Sagrelius

Lizzie Sagrelius worked on a project entitled ”Access and benefits sharing”, where she studied the patent process of certain tropical plants in Kerala, and the effects of access and benefits sharing.

Emelie Rohne

Emelie Rohne did a study on the role of farmers in the Kerala experience (formerly called the Kerala model of the development) – whether they were included or not in the process of creation of the Kerala experience of high social development with economic growth. 

Emelie Rohne's Bachelor Thesis as pdf: PDF iconemelie_rohne_bachelors_thesis.pdf