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Himalayan Policy Research Conference in Madison

26 October 2017 in Madison, USA
The Nepal Study Center is pleased to announce the Himalayan Policy Research Conference to be held on October 26, 2017, in Madison, Wisconsin, at the pre-conference venue of the University of Wisconsin's 46th Annual Conference on South Asia (October 26-29, 2017).

The conference organizers invite abstract of research, recently completed or in progress, in the field of development, democracy, governance, or environment. The organisers consider these fields broadly as encompassing socio-economic growth (macro or sectoral), violent conflict and political processes, institutional development, governance and administrative reform, poverty and income distribution, education and health, regional development, gender and ethnicity, trade and remittances, aid and foreign direct investment, resource and environmental management, climate change, bio-diversity, sustainable community development,  public-private partnership in technology and investment, child labor, and many other issues. 

  • Gender Panel session: Individual papers towards a special graduate panel session on topics concerning women and/or gender issues. The organisers welcome scholars from all social science disciplines working on related issues of gender, including but not limited to physical and sexual violence, women health, empowerment, gender pay gap, human trafficking, women and politics, gender conflict and social status of women in the perspective of South Asian countries.
  • Global South: Papers dealing with South-South cooperation, such as interaction among different regions of the world or among countries from different continents, would be particularly welcome.
  • Livability of Cities: In the light of the recent heightened concerns regarding levels of pollution, congestion and lack of amenities in some large South Asian cities, They also welcome research papers on policies related to improvement of livability of cities.
  • Poster Session: The organisers also plan a poster session on promoting graduate and undergraduate research. They especially urge faculty to use this opportunity to showcase student research output, including field work of students under 'study abroad' programs.  

The abstract submission deadline is May 15, 2017. 

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