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Successful 2016 SASNET media workshop at Lund University

The Digital Transition in Media

On September 23, 2016, SASNET and School of Journalism at Lund University jointly organized a workshop day entitled: “The Digital Transition of Media” in the LUX building in Lund. The workshop got very good reviews.

Watch all sessions from the workshop

The workshop day consisted of five interesting presentations. First out were Vibodh Parthasarathi, Associate Professor in Centre for Culture Media & Governance at Jamia Milia Islamia and Andreas Mattsson, project coordinater for SASNET and program director for School of Journalism at Lund University. Vibodh and Andreas talked about the media challenges in India and Sweden and highlighted the similarities and differences. Zeenah Annez, Research Associate in the Researchers at Work (RAW) programme at Centre for Internet & Society, held a presentation over Skype about some of the Media transitions in Indian newsrooms. Shaheen Ahmed, PhD student in Visual Studies form the School of Arts and Aesthetics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, talked about the circulation of news through digital media. Tasneem Khalil, Swedish-Bangladeshi journalist and editor of Independent World Report, talked about independent journalism and the Internet. Josefin Wennang, former journalist student at School of Journalism at Lund University, shared her experience as a Swedish Journalist student in India. In 2015 Josefin was part of a Linneaus-Palme exchange programme, which gave her the opportunity to conduct journalistic field work in Kerala, India. Andreas Mattsson summarized the day with some final remarks. 

The event is part of the Sweden–South Asia Media Project. Launched in 2015, the Sweden–South Asia Media Project aims to study and report on the growing digital media landscape in South Asia and link these results together with the development of the Swedish media landscape. The purpose is to create a forum for exchange of ideas, perspectives and future outlooks on the South Asian and Swedish media landscapes.

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