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First seminar of the semester - How will Russia's invasion of Ukraine affect geopolitics in Asia?

Catarina Kinnvall talking at a seminar in the Asia Library at Lund University
Karl Gustafsson, Julie Yu-Wen Chen and Catarina Kinnvall at the seminar.

The seminar took place on the 14 September in collaboration with the Centre for East and Southeast Asian Studies (ACE) at Lund University. The seminar brought together three experts on the politics of Asia to discuss how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has affected the region.

The seminar was opened and moderated by Paul O'Shea, senior lecturer at ACE and specialist in international relations in East Asia. It took place at the Asia Library.

Julie Yu-Wen Chen, Professor of Chinese Studies at the Department of Cultures, Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki (Finland), was the first penallist. The professor shared her thoughts on China's relationship with Russia and how the war may affect the country's attitude towards Taiwan.

A woman wearing a pink top talking at a seminar.
Professor Yu-Wen Chen talking at the seminar.

Professor Yu-Wen Chen's presentation was followed by Catarina Kinnvall, Professor at the Department of Political Science, Lund University. Professor Kinnvall spoke about India and how it is presently performing a balancing act between its old authoritarian friend Russia and its new geopolitical allies such as the US and Japan.

Karl Gustafsson, Professor of International Relations at Stockholm University, spoke about the geopolitical situation in Japan. As part of his talk, Professor Gustafsson mentioned that, since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Japanese population has become more supportive of increasing the nation’s military spending.

The floor was then opened for questions from the audience in the room. Together with an engaged audience, the seminar generated many interesting discussions and conclusions.

The picture shows a room full of people listening to three penallists in the Asia library at Lunds University
About fifty people showed up at the seminar.