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SASNET Podcast

Listen to interviews with SASNET researchers and guests and recordings from our events.

Episode 02 - Integration or Return? A Panel on Afghan Migration and Return

Our second episode is a collaboration with the Assoication of Foreign Affairs (UPF) Lund, based on a panel on Afghan migration held in October 2019 in Lund. Featured experts are Dr. Chona Echavez, Alex Guzman, Alice Hertzberg, Reza Hussaini, Dr. Anna Lindberg, Hadi Marifat, Dr. Ceri Oeppen and Dr. Liza Schuster. The episode was produced by Alex Guzman.

Listen to the full episode here.


Episode 01 - Interview with Sarah Singh

For the first SASNET podcast episode, Hanna Geschewski sat down with award-winning artist and filmmaker Sarah Singh to talk about her visit to Sweden, current and upcoming projects and her connection to India.