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Sargodha Conference on Social Sciences

12-13 April 2017 in Sargodha, Pakistan.
The University of Lahore together with a support from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) announces that the International Conference on Social Sciences in Service of Humanity 2017 is going to be held from 12-13 April 2017 at the Sargodha Campus (The University of Lahore) in Sargodha, Pakistan.

International Conferences promote international dissemination of knowledge and development of cross-national academic fraternity as its participants come from different backgrounds and countries. They share their research, experiences and informally create long-lasting bonds.

The conference welcome papers on the following research themes but not limited to:


1. Role of Leadership in Promotion of National Cohesion

2. Gender Equality and Equity

3. Refugees, Migration and Human Trafficking

4. Identities in Social Sciences: Generational, Gender, Sexuality, Ethnic, Diasporas

5. Democracy in Pakistan: Accountability and Empowerment

6. The Role of Civil Society in Sustaining and Strengthening Democracy.

7. Shaping the Pakistani Society: Role of Religion, Traditions, Family and Education

8. The Ethnic Mosaic of Pakistan: Unity in Diversity.

9. Strategies to Counter Terrorism, Extremism and Violence

10. Nuclearization of South Asia: Deterrence or Insecurity

11. Microfinance and Human Welfare

12. Impact of Economic Crisis on Education

13. Globalized Economics: Inequalities, Development, 'Free' and 'Fair trade

14. Regionalism and Economic Cooperation

15. Social Cohesion and Social Welfare

16. Envisioning Social Work: Empowering Communities and Individuals

17. Impact of Multi-system of Education (Public/ Private and Madaris) on Society

18. Role of Social Sciences in Character-building and Behavior-moulding

19. Role of Literature and Language/ Linguistics in the Promotion of Peace and Tolerance

20. Language Policy and Planning: Impact on National Integration

21. Social, Political and Community Agenda in Media

22. Communication Technology and Social Change: Portrayal of Social Media Realities

23. Prospect and Perception of Conflict Management and Resolution in South Asia

24. Environmental Challenges: Consumption, Waste, Sustainability and Degradation

Submission deadline: 8 February,  2017

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