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Kolkata Conference on South Asia

15 February in Kolkata, India
On Wednesday 15 February 2017, 10.00 an international multidisciplinary conference entitled ”South Asia: Past, Present and Future" will be held at the Department of History, Presidency University Kolkata in India. Venue: AJC Bose Auditorium.

Home to one quarter of the world’s population, one of the most ancient civilizations, with religious, cultural and linguistic diversity unmatched by any other geographical region of the world, South Asia (countries of the SAARC) is yet to realise its full potential. Although widely recognised as one of the world’s biggest markets, yet its share in the global trade is meagre. It has not yet managed to exert much influence on the global political stage, in spite of the soft power it has come to enjoy across the world. Senior as well as young scholars from a number of institutions in Austria, Denmark, India, Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States would gather at this conferenceto explore how South Asia’s past informs its present and how its present would shape its future from varied angles of different academic disciplines and scholarly interests.

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