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7th SSEASR Conference, Ho Chi Minh City

9-12 July 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
South and Southeast Asian Association for Culture and Religion (SSEASR) is organizing the 7th SSEASR Conference "ASEAN Region by the end of 21st Century: A Dialogue with Past or Present?"at the Vietnam Buddhist University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 9-12 July, 2017.

Modern South and Southeast Asia is an idea as much as it is a place in time and space. It is an idea that is constituted by many historically identifiable components, such as collectivism and practicality. In a map with a place called South and Southeast Asia made up of nation-states, populations, currencies, religious lives, culture patterns, heritages and lifestyles, Southeast Asian countries (under ASEAN) stands prominent. Thanks to its capacity to accept, absorb and acculturate, the region stands before us as a fit case of study in the contemporary global scene. Along with the dynamism of the various cultures, today as never before, we see rapid change brought about by science and technology in this region.

With the above foundational concepts of (1) the varied and fluid nature of culture— including traditions and all that is seen to be static and everlasting—and (2) the continually intensifying impact of new means, the nations falling under ASEAN are interesting field to undertake academic study. Posing the end of the 21st century as a time to pivot back to the present retrospectively, we consider following issues (but not confined to) sub-themes:

  Theorising Religions of South and Southeast Asia

  Philosophy , Interpretatations, and Schools of Thought

  ASEAN Diaspora: Feminity, Religiosity and Survival

  ASEAN Culture and Heritage: Preserving the Past for Future

  Traditional Practices in Medicines, Nature and Environment

  Mind, Meditation and Wellbeingness in South and Southeast Asia

  Festivals, Gatherings and Pilgrimage

  Acculturation of Globalisation in South and Southeast Asia

  Symbolism in Arts

  Media, Language and Literature

A special section would be devoted on the topic, Cham Culture: Past, Present and Future“. Papers on other topics related to South Asia and Southeast Asia are also welcome. The association also welcomes panels. 


Early Registration Deadline: March 15, 2017

Panel Submission closes: April 15, 2017 

Last Submission of Abstract: May 10, 2017

Submission of Full Paper: June 6, 2017 

Email secretariat [at] for more information.